Hidden Pearls of Amsterdam: Three Special Museums You Must Discover

Known for its rich history and its dynamic artistic scene, Amsterdam is the home of some of the most famous museums in the world, such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum. But, in addition to those emblematic places, there are also many smaller and less known museums that really deserve a visit. You want to discover an original museum? Here is a list of 3 of the trendiest museums in Amsterdam:


    • Where: Tweede Leliedwarsstraat
    • Particularities: Electric Ladyland is not only a museum, it’s a leap in a fluorescent art world. This small and cozy museum offers an interactive experience where visitors are part of the art.
    • Why should you visit it? It is the only museum in the world only dedicated to fluorescent art. With colorful and surrealist exhibitions, it creates a unique and unforgettable experience.


    • Where: Kruislaan, De Nieuwe Ooster cemetery
    • Particularities: Tot Zover museum focuses on themes like death and mourning. It offers a unique view on how different cultures deal with this step.
    • Why should you visit it? This museum invites visitors to think about a subject often considered as taboo. The exhibitions are both educational and emotional, giving a deep insight of human nature and cultural diversity.


    • Where: 106 Westerstraat in Jordaan, one of the most picturesque and authentic districts of Amsterdam
    • Particularities: This museum is dedicated to pianola, a mechanical piano. It contains an impressive collection of more than 30 000 music rolls and different historical pianolas.
    • Why should you visit it? Pianola Museum gives a fascinating view of the history of music and technology. Visitors can assist to live demonstrations, and even play pianos themselves, creating a wonderful and unforgettable moment.

    These 3 museums give a unique perspective on art, culture and history in Amsterdam, outside of the usual touristic ways. Each museum has its own style, and offers a wonderful experience for everyone who wants to diversify their visit.

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