Jobs at Yellow Bike Amsterdam

    Are you interested in becoming a guide, hospitality host or a bike mechanic? Below, you’ll find what it’s like to work at Yellow Bike. If you’re interested in joining us, feel free to send an open application. We’ll reach out to you when we’re in need of staff again, typically in the months of February, March, and early April.

    For all our vacancies, you need a permit to work in EU.

    Job: City Bike Guide in Amsterdam

    We currently have a vacancy stop for new bike guides.

    gids amsterdam

    Do you speak English and Dutch fluently? Become a city guide, because working outdoors is great!

    • No prior knowledge required, we’ll train you.
    • You’ll lead visitors around your city by bike:
    • Enjoy working outdoors
    • Happy customers, nice tips
    • Friendly colleagues
    • Starting from 15 euros per hour
    • Flexible hours, Monday to Sunday
    • Stay fit while biking

    We offer 2 and 3-hour city tours, as well as walking tours and longer tours through rural Amsterdam North. Additionally, we rent out our bikes.

    Email Linn at [email protected] and we’ll provide you with more information about this job.
    • Employment type: On-call basis
    • Salary: Starting from €15.00 per hour

    The demand for guides depends largely on the weather. The more flexible your availability, the more work you’ll likely get. Generally, there’s more work on weekends and during holiday periods.


    What’s it like to work as a guide at Yellow Bike?

    Our tours are scheduled on an on-call basis. Some private tours are booked well in advance, but you’ll also be scheduled for tours where we often only know shortly beforehand if there are enough participants. This demand is largely weather-dependent. Most tours are conducted in English or Dutch. You can indicate your availability, but we expect you to be available on weekends regularly. You’ll often conduct 1 or 2, and sometimes 3 tours per day. If you do two tours, you’ll receive compensation for the time in between. On average, we expect you to be available for at least 3 tours per week.

    You’ll work from Nieuwezijds Kolk, the oldest inhabited square in the city, just a 5-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. Our garage is located in a monumental building decorated with vibrant colors inside. We care about the neighborhood and our role in the city, fostering an informal work atmosphere. Still unsure? Feel free to drop by to take a look around and have a chat.

    What can I expect after applying for the bike guide position?

    Of course, it’s beneficial if you’re familiar with the city because you live or study in Amsterdam. We assume you’re excited about showing both domestic and international visitors around the city.

    1. When you apply, you’ll first have the opportunity to join a tour with one of our experienced guides to see how a tour unfolds.

    2. If you think it’s something for you afterward, you’ll be given two tour stops to prepare for and you’ll join an instructional tour with other candidate guides. You’ll learn firsthand what it takes to give a tour. You’ll have the chance to try out leading a tour and receive constructive feedback from a friendly instructor.

    3. You’ll independently learn a basic tour. You’ll receive the necessary information from your new colleagues. If you prefer, you can test ride the tour once. We’ll collectively apply for a guide permit for you, which is mandatory for conducting tours in the city center.

    4. You’ll conduct your first tour. Afterwards, we’ll discuss how it went and fill out your schedule together.

    New tours in 2024 and contribution to the city

    In 2024, we’re expanding our tour offerings. In 2023, we developed a tour through North, showing visitors that Amsterdam is more than just the canals, the Red Light District, and famous museums. Where possible, we collaborate with Amsterdam & Partners. This winter, we’ll focus on the social aspect of the content of our tours. We aim to shape them in a way that contributes to a more inclusive and sustainable city, also for residents. Additionally, we organize small-scale events in the neighborhood with other entrepreneurs, aiming to add value to the community. In 2023, we started participating in the May 5th Freedom Meal.

    Apart from offering our classic city bike tours and the Waterland tour – our countryside tour – which have traditionally been popular among visitors, we’re gradually developing a tour offering that allows us to contribute to a livable city with our knowledge and practical experience. Tours that can make a difference.

    Contribute ideas about our guide role

    With our bike tours, for example, we can contribute to spreading visitors across the city. Additionally, we want to tell more stories about diversity in Amsterdam. Visitors are increasingly looking for a sustainable way to travel, and are interesting to find ways to contribute to the city during their visit. Are there any particular stories you, as a guide, would like to share with visitors, and would you be interested in contributing to our mission? Then we’d love to hear from you.

    First organizer of city bike tours worldwide?

    Yellow Bike is quite a unique company. We’re a family business with only one location. This makes everything a bit more personal. Moreover, we’re also the first bike tour company in Amsterdam (probably worldwide) and we’re located on the oldest inhabited square in Amsterdam, in a monumental building.

    Yellow Bike gevel
    Onze homebase

    Job: Garage Host in Amsterdam Center (hospitality/bike mechanic)

    Do you enjoy directing visitors in Amsterdam and helping them choose from our tour offerings? Then this job might be for you.

    Currently, we’re not actively seeking, but you can always send an open application!

    You’ll also learn to repair bikes!

    No experience required. You’ll shadow experienced garage hosts for the first few weeks and learn the work on the job. Relevant work experience is, of course, a plus.

    What do we require?

    You speak Dutch and English and have an enthusiastic demeanor. You enjoy getting your hands dirty.

    Both host and bike mechanic

    You’ll manage a bike garage in the heart of Amsterdam on a cozy square, Nieuwezijds Kolk. Perhaps the oldest inhabited square in the city, close to Central Station. You’ll rent out bikes, fix broken parts, and help customers choose from our tour offerings. You ensure that visitors have a good time, so you’ll naturally also ensure that the shop and entrance are tidy and clean.

    • Starting from 12 euros per hour
    • Learn bike repairs
    • Happy customers
    • Family business with friendly tour guides as colleagues, informal work atmosphere, and plenty of room for your own initiative
    • Flexible hours, Monday to Sunday

    Email Suzanne at [email protected] and we’ll provide you with more information about the garage host vacancy in Amsterdam!