Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location of Yellow Bike?

You can find us at Nieuwezijds Kolk 29, Amsterdam. This is approximately 5 minutes walking from Amsterdam Central Station. All our tours depart from there, unless explicitly otherwise specified in your booking confirmation.

How do i get in touch?

E-mail [email protected]
Reach us by telephone between 9:30 en 17:00 on our number: +31 (20) 620 69 40 (Whatsapp text is possible, we can’t receive whatsapp calls for now)

We want to book online for 24 hours, and would like to return the bikes in the evening. Is this possible?

Our office closes at 18:00 in high season, you can either return the bikes before closing time or the following day before or on the time of hiring, as long as this is within 24 hours. It’s not possible to leave the bike in front of the office. For example, return at 20:00pm is therefore not possible.

I am late returning the bike(s). I am standing in front of your office to return bikes, but the office has closed. What to do?

We ask you to keep the bikes. Your rental will automatically be lengthened with the extra hours if applicable. Please return them the next day.

If this really is not possible because i.e. you have to leave on a return journey, please properly lock the bikes in front of our office en throw the keys in our mailbox. We will then charge an extra sum for out of office return, for we can get in trouble or fined by the municipality for bikes that are not inside our garage. Hence we request you to keep the bike whenever possible. Never leave the bikes behind with their keys in: bike theft is very common in Amsterdam. 

Someone in our group can’t ride a bike, can they still join the tour?

If booked in advance we can sometimes arrange a solution, like a tandem. If a tandem is not an option, we unfortunately don’t have an alternative at the moment.

What is the cancellation policy?

It is possible to cancel your reservation free of charge, up until 5 days in advance. If you cancel between 5 days and 1 day (24 hours) in advance, we will refund 50%. If you cancel in less than 1 day (24 hours) in advance, there will be no refund. If you would like to change the amount of participants, please contact our office: [email protected].

Why are your bikes yellow?

Yellow Bike is easy to spot in traffic, standing out always provides you with some extra safety.

How many people go in a tour group?

We have a maximum group size of 12 people per guide. In case of more people, we will simply create more groups. In rare cases we may add an extra person, but we strive for a maximum of 12.

Is it possible to tour with a larger group together?

In a private group, due to local legislation, we are allowed to arrange a maximum of 15 participants to ride with one guide if this is requested. We do recommend to ride in smaller groups for a better experience. We focus on 12 people per group.

I have returned my bike(s) and had put the security deposit on my card (reservation), but I haven’t received my money yet.

If you have a receipt which says “Payment after RSV”, then you already have your money or it will happen in a couple of days. That receipt is the proof that we have released your money, but the money comes back on your total balance. So there will not be a separate transaction. Your bank’s service desk can confirm this. If you have any questions about this process, you can contact your bank for clarification.  

To further clarify this process, here is an example:

  1. On Saturday the total balance on your account is €800. You decide to rent 2 bikes with us and the security deposit is €100. Now your total balance is €700.
  2. On Sunday you return the bikes and you have not spent from this account so the total balance has not changed. The rental fee is €36 for both bikes. The €100 was just a hold (reservation/RSV) on your card so on Sunday we charge you €36.
  3. On Monday or Tuesday (but sometimes even a week) the original transaction of €100 (from Saturday) will change to €36 and your total balance will become €764.

If you are still not sure the money came back on your account, please contact your bank.

Is it possible to rent a bike without a guided tour?

Yes. For € 14,50 per 24 hours it’s possible to rent a bike.

Do you accept the I Amsterdam City card?

Yes, with the iAmsterdam city card is accepted and valid for one 24h free bike rental without insurance. It’s optional to add insurance for 3,50 euro.

If you keep the bike longer, you will also profit from our multiple day discount and pay only 10,- euro per extra day 24 hour bike rental.

Note: If you have a city card that is valid for more than 24 hours, the free bike rental is only valid for 24 hours.

Why do some bikes have signs of wear?

At Yellow Bike, we take pride in maintaining our fleet of bikes ourselves. In a bike city, we are convinced it’s important to own bikes that last for years instead of bikes that can be discarded in no time. That is why some of our bikes show signs of wear. For us, it’s a sign they are durable and sturdy and well maintained, to not have to be replaced after a year of use. We conduct regular maintenance checks and repairs to keep our bikes in the best possible condition. And we can ensure that they are safe and reliable for our customers to use! And now and then, we will give them a paint job. 

What happens if it rains?

Yellow Bike will provide you with a (free) rain poncho, so if you like you can still go on the tour. Our tours never stop in case of rain. We are `Dutch folks!

Theft and damage insurance

All bikes have a frame lock and we supply one chain lock per two bikes.

Costs in case of theft, for each bike:

  • Without insurance €300,-
  • With insurance €30,- when you have both keys and the declaration from the police, otherwise €300,-

The bikes are delivered in good condition. During rental period you are responsible for the bicycle. With insurance you are covered against regular damage.

It is not allowed to carry people on the back seat. The luggage carriers can hold a maximum of 25 kg. Damage caused by carrying people on the back seat can not be reimbursed.

Is it possible to get bikes delivered to a specific location?

It’s possible, with an extra fee from 250,- Euro costs (for extra personnel and a the rent of a van). Please contact our office for options. We are easy to reach from Central Station, and we can always help you plan a good route to get to our office by walking or public transport.