Windmills and Cheese: E-bike tour to Zaanse Schans

Visit the famous Zaanse Schans, with Dutch windmills, a clog maker and cheese farm. This is a leisurely e-bike tour. Cycle past the unique Chalk Mill in North Amsterdam, via natural reserve ‘t Twiske to the most beautiful residential and working village in the Netherlands.

  • At the Zaanse Schans we stop for one hour to visit the windmills, have something to eat and drink and visit the clog maker and cheese farm!

The tour returns via a shorter route, along an architectural prime piece and the statue of the Kissing Couple. Be prepared for a beautiful half-day!

About the Zaanse Schans

The Zaanse Schans offers a glimpse into the main heyday of the Zaan region before the Industrial Revolution. The original aim of the construction of the Zaanse Schans was to preserve the traditional timber construction of the Zaan region, which is reflected in the beautiful historic village. The presence of the mills along the banks of the Zaan provides an iconic image of old Holland as it once was. Those who look around Zaanse Schans see history.

Good to know!

  • Our e-bikes are charged with 100% green, locally produced energy!
  • We recommend this tour from age 13 and up. No children’s back seats, this may change later this season.
  • A shared group with maximum 13 participants and a friendly guide
Typical Dutch windmill along the bike tour

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Price: €55

Duration: 5 hours

Visit the famous Dutch windmills, a clog maker and cheese farm. This is a leisurely e-bike tour to the picturesque Zaanse Schans.

Zaanse Schans e-bike tour

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